Adding a link inside the pp container
  • I am wondering if there is an easy way to add this to the user created markup:
    I want to place a link to a more in-depth article about the content being show in the prettyPhoto window. I'm fairly sure you cannot use the title="" attribute as a link as I've tried many different ways to do this.

    In jquery.prettyPhoto.js I have tried changing
    to this:
    which does add a link to the title attribute. However this link remains the same for every piece of content which brings up prettyPhoto and that isn't useful in my case. I need each link in pp_description to be unique to each instance of prettyPhoto.

    Would it be possible to include pp_description into the code which I am generating so I can use a unique link each time?


    (sorry, I didn't want this discussion to be private before)
  • I would like to know this as well...

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