I'd like to make a small addition
  • I'm using WP-PrettyPhoto for my portfolio at http://charleslojko.com/portfolio/ and it works great. I'd just like to make a small addition. I want to include a small 'contact me' button beside the 'close' button that appears in the bottom-right corner. Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.
  • Maybe you could notify me @charleslojko on twitter if you comment? That would be helpful.
  • You might just have to work it in yourself. Look at the JavaScript file, the CSS, and just play around. Once you figure out exactly what the code is doing, you might be able to add it in yourself.
  • In the file jquery.prettyPhoto.js, scroll down to line 60 and add a line below it. There you will enter the code for your button. Make sure you're floating it right, inline or however else. Hope this helps.

    Just note that I had to take out all opening tags "<" for the code to display.<br />

    Line 59: div class="pp_social">{pp_social}/div> \
    Line 60: a class="pp_close" href="#">Close/a> \
    *Line 61: a class/id="" style="float:right;" href="contact.html">span class="button">Contact/span>/a> \

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