REL not passed from XML in Flash
  • I have a Flash site with a text box that pulls its content from an XML file.

    Within the XML are comments and links to external content. I want to use Pretty Photo, but the REL association never gets passed.

    The XML looks something like this:

    Bridgestone Tires 2010

    click me


    Once the above is loaded into Flash and you click the link, Pretty Photo fails and the Flash is replaced with the image. Not surprisingly, if I place the above link within the HTML instead of the XML, Pretty Photo works just fine.

    I've tried reviewing error messages in several different browsers but apparently no errors are being generated as none are reported.

    What I'm wondering is, is there a JS method I could use in lieu of a traditional anchor with an REL? Maybe something like:

    click me

    Where the JS would look something like:

    someFunction(imageAndPath, someRELAssociation)
    window.location.href = (imageAndPath).someRELAssociation('rel');


    Unfortunately, my knowledge of JS is limited but I'm assuming something like the above could be made to work.

    Finally, what would be the correct wmode for Flash when used with Pretty Photo as described -- opaque or transparent?

    Any ideas would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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