Inline Content - Inline only? ul/li styles only?
  • I've implemented prettyPhoto on a drupal site and used up allot of time missing the requirement for jquery 3.x while drupal uses 2.x.

    The older drupal jquery version completely blows things up when you use the prettyPhoto['anything'] syntax, such as prettyPhoto[inline].

    So now thats all figured out I've not experimented to much with how to present multiple pages of inline text.
    The examples of using entries for each page - to make a group/gallery under the section is working

    I only needed the first line to show up as clickable, so on the other 's entries I set style="display:none"

    However, in limited testing I tried to see if I could take the data off the page, basically I wanted to stick it in an html files and use $_get to get the text data when needed. I wanted to have prettyPhoto call a function to get the data, exactly what that function did doesn't matter

    Doesn't seem to be anyway to accomplish this but wanted to ask if there was anyway to stream the data to prettyPhoto instead of having it be hidden on the same page?

    prettyPhoto happens to have a hook to call when it closes. Perhaps a hook to call when it opens could be used to accomplish what I wanted.

    And I just wanted to ask if grouping the pages under tags (and I assume as well) is the only way to indicate a groups/gallery?

    Its a great little tool, Ive played with several working with drupal and this overall I like the best. Thanks


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