Stumped... Hours and Hours... Won't Work.... Help Please?

    I'm not a pro, I've taught myself the hard way and still make a lot of mistakes.

    That said, I am trying to build a site for my wife and integrate prettyphoto gallery.
    Site is not "live yet" still working on getting content in though I have structure.

    Validated page (not whole site) and have issues with a padding hack in the dropdowns but all else is OK, Valid Strict.

    I've read a lot here in the forums but can't seem to get PrettyPhoto to work.

    I've got full page background image changer on all the pages of the site (supersize jquery).


    PrettyPhoto only opens new window w/ single image when trying to create/ show gallery.
    Perhaps some sort of jquery conflict? Did I miss putting something in? Wrong order?

    I finally resorted to taking the example content from prettyphoto exactly verbatim and pasting it into my page (for testing) and still cannot get that working (even tho the examples page on this site and in the download work for me).


    Here is the site url:

    At the top of the page is a table of links to sections on the page. The place that I am trying to insert a gallery is the section : "In the Area " link.

    This has to be something simple but I'm stumped.

    Help appreciated..... Thanks
  • Appended...........

    I tried taking out the jquery background img code and links from the head to see if a conflict. Still won't load prettyphoto correctly.

    As well, tried moving the order of the scripts to load, in the head, with no luck.

    Help appreciated to make this work.
  • hello,

    I had the same problem, and I found the solution :)

    You just need to copy the jquery script from here:

    Then you save it as a javascript file, put it on your scripts folder and thats it!

    It worked for me ;)
  • Hi and thanks for your response!!!!

    Excuse my ignorance, but do you mean get all of the jQuery scripts that came w/ PrettyPhoto, from then replace the PrettyPhoto scripts? or.....

    Also, save it as a javascript file?...????

    Of course I understand linking and putting in the scripts folder....

    Just not sure which scripts you mean to replace.... OR is it add the WHOLE jQuery framework to my scripts?

    Also do you have an example page I could look at?

    Thanks again, your help is much appreciated.....
  • You need to use the scripts they give us, and also that one I gave to you. So, you download the files needed and put them on your website directory. After that, you go to
    and place that script on your "js" folder as a javascript file (.js) After all files are downloaded, you just need to follow the steps given here:

    The script himself should be placed on your body. I recommend you to place it before the closing body tag, so the page loads all objects and finnaly the script.

    Sorry for the delay of my response and for my bad english. If you still have any problems with this, just tell me.
  • You need to go into your js folder and rename the most recent version of the jquery library to simply "jquery.js". i.e. If you downloaded jquery-1.7.1.min.js from the jquery website, you need to remove "-1.7.1.min" from the filename. Hope that helps.
  • Finally Success!!!!!! Yippeee!!!!!

    Many, many thanks to you both Th3lmuu90 and amberella.

    For you and for anyone else that may find this thread helpful, here is what I did:

    First I followed the suggestions that both of you made TO THE LETTER.
    As well, I went back to the documentation page and made sure that the code on my page was correct, that is to say "exactly the same" on my page for testing purposes.

    Next, I invoked the $.noConflict(); throughout areas that would have an effect on the script(s). This was a suggestion from the writer of the supersized script, which I am using for backgrounds.

    However that STILL was not good enough..... so....

    I did some more reading about this function and then altered the closing prettyphoto script so that it looks like this:
    ( I replace the < and > with [ and ] in this code below so that hopefully the code will show in this message )

    [!-- prettyphoto --]
    [script type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8"]
    jQuery(document).ready(function($) {
    [!-- end prettyphoto --]

    I did not think that this would work but I was trying every combination I could think of... and lo and behold.... with the help of you all and patience combined with persistence... It Now Works as it is supposed to!

    Thanks again to you both and Happy Holidays to you and Yours!!!!!

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