Watermark possible?
  • Is it possible (without too much hassle) to add a watermark to every image in the prettyPhoto window?

    I actually just need a logo to display at the top of the window with the photo below.

  • I have done this with a .php script. Do yo have .php available to you? If so, here is the script I used:

    You will have to create a png-24 graphic for your watermark. I did it with 40% opacity.

    Then use this as the image src:
  • I'll give that a shot.

    Thanks Randy!
  • Is it possible to share the php script for the watermark.

    thank you in advance.
  • @dboatscom, I can't see link to that php script of yours. Can you please check and post it again? I found many php scripts for this but I would like to see what kind you are used.

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