prettyPhoto with Nivo slider issue
  • I am changing a website to use prettyPhoto. There are multiple galleries on the homepage. I am having a problem with a second or third gallery not working. The first (or second) prettyPhoto gallery on the page is called inside the Nivo slider jquery. There is another gallery on the page that also uses the prettyPhoto, but it does not work. If I comment out the Nivo slider, the third gallery works fine and other pages in the site have multiple galleries and is working also. These other pages do not use the nivo slider.

    Any suggestions how to get around this?

    The page can be viewed at

    Click on one of the four images in the Current Projects section. This should open the prettyPhoto lightbox, just clicking on the first or third image opens prettyPhoto for either flash or youtube.

  • Any ideas on this anyone?

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