cur_x is not defined - a simple fix
  • I have been using PrettyLoader for a while. It's pretty awesome, however it sometimes produces an error "cur_x is not defined" when trying to show the spinner. I have checked the plugin's code and made a simple change that prevents that error from showing up. Here it is:

    find the code below:
    replace it with:
    cur_x=(e.clientX)?e.clientX:(typeof(cur_x) != 'undefined' ? cur_x : 0);
    cur_y=(e.clientY)?e.clientY:(typeof(cur_y) != 'undefined' ? cur_y : 0);

    It just checks if the variables are defined and puts 0 if they aren't. I am not sure if this is the best solution, but it's pretty simple and effective.

    Glad I could help and thanks for the great plugin!

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