ie6/7 Locking Up
  • Hi,

    Aplogies for length of post - but wanted to give you all the details I could think of that were relevant. I've spent several /days/ on this already.

    Having an intermittent problem on IE 6 that seems to reproducible under IE7 under very specific circumstances.

    In IE 6, having PrettyPhoto attached to some links causes the browser process to go rogue and eat the whole CPU.

    It's very intermittent. The problem can clear without restarting the machine or even logging out. And then not re-appear for ages (hours, days). However the site it's running on does get reports from users that are seeing this locking behaviour (I know - I'd /love/ to stop supporting IE6 - and we do tell the users that report this to upgrade. But in some environments it's not practical for them apparently... grrrr....).

    This doesn't happen in IE7 except when: Running Selenium tests (run using JUnit against a Selenium test server instance) AND trying to manually scroll the page!

    Rather specific eh? And rather hard to provide you with a test case of course.

    The point though is that it happens EVERY time in IE7 given the above circumstances. And only if PrettyPhoto is attached to an element of the page (just one element will do it).

    Therefore I've been using that as a test case since it's reproducible.

    Removing all other JS from the page gives the same behaviour.

    One clue is that we are running a packed 2.5.4 version. Going to the 2.5.6 version freezes up IE7 under Selenium immediately. Odd - does that give you any ideas?

    I can understand that this is hard to attack from your point of view! But I'd very much appreciate anything you can do (including any help with pointers re. where to look to debug this myself locally).

    For what it's worth, the live site is:

    This is a commercial site with a large amount of money flowing through it and an unreasonable proportion of IE6 users - we could really, really do with fixing this issue!

    For now, we're planning to simply disable PrettyPhoto in IE6 which will break things badly for those users in terms of page flow but at least the site shouldn't lock!

    Thanks for any help!

  • Oh and I've gone over every JS file that we use with JSLint and resolved all the glitches (trailing commas, missing semicolons etc).
  • And... I noticed mention here:

    That having position: fixed, and width 100% in a CSS can break IE6.

    Well we had that by virtue of importing a CSS file from an Add This button. So I excluded that - no change in behaviour at least in IE7.

    Not conclusive I know - but I'm working on the basis that whatever is breaking IE7 is also breaking IE6!
  • Right - so it's the CSS in PrettyPhoto itself.

    I had the clue (of course!) in the above mentioned position: fixed and width 100% problem.

    But the problem here is manifesting from a position: absolute.

    This is my current CSS (which breaks the Title - but we're not using the Title at the moment...):

    div.ppt {
    color: #fff;
    display: none;
    font-size: 17px;
    left: 0;
    /* position: absolute; Breaks IE (this fix removes the title though) */
    top: 0;
    z-index: 9999;

    If there's any chance that could be re-worked so that it wasn't using a position absolute that would be great.

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