IE7/IE8 issues - help
  • Is there any known issues with these 2 versions of internet explorer? As the JavaScript doesn't seem to be running at all when I test in these browsers. All others are fine.

    This is how I've structured each form entry:

    And I call the jQuery in the HEAD section with this:

    checkboxWidth: 42, // The width of your custom checkbox
    checkboxHeight: 41, // The height of your custom checkbox

    I've also styled up my radio buttons accordingly.
  • There is a bug that prevents the js from working in IE 7/8. I fixed with the following revisions:

    current (v1.1) code
    if($('input#' + $(this).attr('for')).is(':checkbox')){
    $('input#' + $(this).attr('for')).checked = true;

    changed code
    if ($('input#' + $(this).attr('for')).is(':checkbox')) {
    if ($.browser.msie)
    if ($('input#' + $(this).attr('for')).prop('checked') == true)
    $('input#' + $(this).attr('for')).removeAttr('checked');
    $('input#' + $(this).attr('for')).attr('checked', 'checked');
    $('input#' + $(this).attr('for')).checked = true;

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