• Hi there. I'm producing a site which has a 3/4 showreels on it. They vary in length from around 1 minute, to 5 minutes. The client cannot afford to pay for a streaming server, so progressive downloads with Quicktime .movs are out. However, given the length of the videos, users would be waiting a long time with nothing happening whilst the entire video downloads using just a conventional HTML link and .mov format.

    I need to know if there's any way to format prettyPhoto to play .flvs, the beauty of the FLV is that it starts to play once a portion has been buffered.

    Thank you in advance for any assistance.


  • I recently found PrettyPhoto and love it because it can be used widely. With FLV files, I used JWPlayer to call the FLV file. It's great. But I am having trouble with IE8. There is nothing wrong with my link because the video plays fine if not using the lightbox. Any other browser also plays it perfectly. What is wrong with IE8? Perhaps you can try and let me know? I just cannot figure out why everything would work but this...

    Here's the link to put JWplayer (BTW, I am using this as non-commercial use. It may ask you to purchase it if you are using it for clients.)

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