Not working in IE6 or IE7
  • Hello again.

    Unfortunately, I am having another problem involved IE6 & IE7. The plug-in is not initializing, but rather just clicking through to the larger version of my image. See link:

    I think I've followed the directions as stated on the site and I know this works in IE6 & IE7 usually. My last problem involved a conflict of Javascript so maybe this problem is also similar. Suggestions?

    Thank you very much for your time.
  • Anybody have any ideas out there?
  • Remove the comma after the last item in the settings when you init prettyPhoto.

    It's quite a common bug, check for "trailing commas" on google for more info

  • Ah thank you so much!

    Seems that was only half the battle now though as the Next and Prev buttons don't show up on the hover of the image and the theme is wrong. Ack!

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