Vertical Align Bug (IE8)
  • This bug causes the pop-up to appear with the top in the center of the screen. This appears to on affect IE...

    In the "_center_overlay()" and "_showContent()" functions, there should be a "var" in front of the "projectedTop" lines...

    The issue is that the projectedTop variable get used twice and IE thinks that the name-space is the same (not a local variable.)

    function _showContent(){

    // Calculate the opened top position of the pic holder
    var projectedTop = scroll_pos['scrollTop'] + ((windowHeight/2) - (pp_dimensions['containerHeight']/2));

    function _center_overlay(){
    if(doresize && typeof $pp_pic_holder != 'undefined') {
    scroll_pos = _get_scroll();
    contentHeight = $pp_pic_holder.height(), contentwidth = $pp_pic_holder.width();

    var projectedTop = (windowHeight/2) + scroll_pos['scrollTop'] - (contentHeight/2);
  • Thanks ... you saved my bacon, I had not tested enough in IE during development and got caught .. but your fix worked first time!

  • good work finding the answer to this
  • This work a treat for me

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