Remove facebook and Twitter buttons from PrettyPhoto
  • Hey guys,

    Simple problem and hopefully a simple solution: For what I'm using it for, I do not need the Twitter and Facebook buttons at the bottom of the PrettyPhoto overlay.

    I tried to open up the JS and remove it manually but I'm not too great at deciphering Javascript.

    Any ideas?

  • go with css

    .pp_social{visibility: hidden!important;}

    might it will work.
  • Hi,
    using the parameter "social_tools: false" would be the easiest way to do...
  • I know this is a late reply but "social_tools: false" was what I went with.

    All is working well! Thanks, guys.
  • Hi, just looking for the "social_tools:" parameter, is it in the jquery.prettyPhoto js file?

    I tried adding false to the first instance of it, but it just stops the lightbox working. Any help would be great, thanks in advance.
  • Please excuse my ignorance. Where would I add "social_tools: false"? I looked in prettyPhoto.css but I don't see where to add it.

  • I figured it out. Thanks.
  • Where did you put social_tools: false? Sorry, I'm having a hard time figuring this out.
  • n/m, figured it out thanks to

    scaron says:
    To remove the social tools, simply turn the social_tools setting to false. Like so

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