prettyPhoto loads on browser refresh
  • I've used prettyPhoto to display galleries, YouTube and Flash, but I'm having a "refresh" problem when I use single images. prettyPhoto opens when I click on a thumbnail and it appends #!prettyPhoto/0/ to the querystring. But when prettyPhoto closes it's not removing the /0/, so the same image opens again when the page is refreshed. I've looked at the demo page and it removes the /0/.

    My code couldn't be any simpler. Any thoughts about how to remove the /0/ or keep prettyPhoto from loading on refresh?

    This is the title


    My development page:
  • Hi,
    you are using pp 3.1.2 with the new release (3.1.3) this issue is fixed.
  • I love the easy fixes! Thanks.
  • In 3.1.3 it still happens... I have rel="test[paintings]" in my a tag with corresponding $("a[rel^='test']").prettyPhoto().

    If i close the prettyPhoto it leaves #!prettyPhoto in my url!!! If I now press refresh in the browser, the pretty photo opens automatically and that is not what should happen!!
    Is it possible to tell it to drop the #!prettyPhoto in my url after closing?

    To make it more clear here is what happens in my URL when using it:

    page loads:

    click on link to prettyPhoto:!test[paintings]/0/

    closed prettyPhoto:!prettyPhoto

    When I now press refresh the page reloads but the prettyPhoto opens immediately. I don't want that to happen. Url should be back to normal eg

    PS also tried deeplinking: false, but it still adds #!prettyPhoto when i close it

    Thanx for any help!!
  • I am looking for an answer to this as well. Anyone?

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