prettyPhoto not working in Wordpress 3.2.1
  • I have tried using both the plug in and the manual method. All the js links are rendered correctly in the html output. The image link has rel="wp-prettyPhoto" but rel="prettyPhoto" also doesn't work. I have prettyPhoto working fine on the html portion of the web site, to it's not the server. I have also tried using a default theme to no luck. The page is at I have seen many others having this problem and there are no answers. If there is something else to do beside add the 'rel' statement, where is it in the instructions? (actually that isn't even in the instructions, you have to read between the lines to figure it out.)
  • Hey Rochelle, any luck figuring out whats wrong? I'm having a similar issue. prettyPhoto was working fine for months then all of a sudden it no longer works on videos, only pics.... When you click the image to launch the video it goes straight to YouTube. If you know anything I'd appreciate any thoughts.

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