flashvars issue:
  • I was having problems with the flashvars getting passed into swf files that parse them so I modified the flash_markup routine slightly.

    flash_markup: '',

    then correspondingly:

    case 'flash':
    correctSizes = _fitToViewport(movie_width,movie_height); // Fit item to viewport

    flash_vars = images[setPosition];
    flash_vars = flash_vars.substring(images[setPosition].indexOf('flashvars') + 10,images[setPosition].length);

    filename = images[setPosition];
    //filename = filename.substring(0,filename.indexOf('?')); //filename needs to be untouched as much as possible

    toInject = settings.flash_markup.replace(/{width}/g,correctSizes['width']).replace(/{height}/g,correctSizes['height']).replace(/{wmode}/g,settings.wmode).replace(/{flashvars}/ig,flash_vars).replace(/{path}/g,filename);

    Now every flash file I have loaded works as expected...

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