.mov files flicker when opened and playing
  • I finally figured out the issue with the path not being correct, but now I am having an issue with how the movie is being displayed in the pop up. One of the movies is being cut off by 1a few pixels and the other is showing fine, but while the movie is playing there are some weird flickers going on of the background image.

    You can see the videos here:
    (click on the videos tab)

    One video is the normal aspect ratio of most videos and the other is a wide screen, but both have the same problem. HOWEVER, I have youtube videos embedding using pretty photo on another page and those do not flicker at all. I'm assuming its something where prettyphoto isn't seeing the proper size dimensions of the .mov file or something weird like that. PLEASE help when you can. THANKS
  • I checked out your HTML and noticed that the first video is getting cutoff because you didn't set the dimensions: "multimedia/img_0113.mov" should be "multimedia/img_0113.mov?width=480&height=360"

    The flicker is being caused by the slideshow animation in the background. Try pausing the slideshow before playing the video, and the flicker disappears.

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