prettyGallery not working, am I missing something?
  • I'm including the stylesheet in my head

    And the script at the bottom

    And I'm activating it like this:

    $('#gallery-wrapper ul').prettyGallery({
    itemsPerPage : 4,
    animationSpeed : 'normal', /* fast/normal/slow */
    navigation : 'top', /* top/bottom/both */
    of_label: ' of ', /* The content in the page "1 of 2" */
    previous_title_label: 'Previous page', /* The title of the previous link */
    next_title_label: 'Next page' /* The title of the next link */

    am I missing anything? I've tried having the line that activates prettyGallery both in the html file i'm using and in an external file, any help is greatly appreciated.

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