Cropping Quicktime video controls..
  • hey.
    im having issues with the lightbox only on some quicktime movies. i have a few that work just fine (safari) but then on FF, the video controls get cropped. can someone please please help me out with this???

    you can see what im talking about here:
  • I am having the same problem and its causing the movies to flicker a little/
    (click on videos tab)
  • It may be because the space set aside for the controls is 1 pixel off. When you embed a QuickTime movie and want to display the control bar, always add a value of "16" when specifying the movie height. If your actual clip is 320x240, then you would tell the embed tags that your clip is 320x256. So, 240+16=256 would give the required space for the controls.

    The current jquery.prettyPhoto.js has this padding set to only 15 pixels:

    correctSizes['height']+=15; correctSizes['contentHeight']+=15; correctSizes['containerHeight']+=15; // Add space for the control bar

    Try changing it to 16 (the correct value according to Apple's QT docs):

    correctSizes['height']+=16; correctSizes['contentHeight']+=16; correctSizes['containerHeight']+=16; // Add space for the control bar

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