small bug with vimeo/flash links and FIX - suggestion/help-wanted smugmug
  • hello, prettyphoto is a great script. thx

    there is a bug in the _getFileType function
    if (itemSrc.match(/vimeo\.com/i)) checks only if is present in the string
    and this will be present in the links to the direct url for the megaloop.swl of vimeo too
    than the part of code to prepares toInject var from flash will be run and a wrong embed code is the result
    i fixed it with this match
    if (itemSrc.match(/vimeo\.com\/\d{7,16}/i))

    but i can remember in the past vimeo had have a different url syntax, maybe somebody know it?! so maybe this will not work for people with different old vimeo urls
    but on the other hand in the past prettphoto didn't had have support for this links too

    who can help me with smugmug? i had got their direct url syntax to their player without branding!! but their dont use the same id in the urls and the player
    the 'id'-like strings the swf player need are very special and uniqe. i think this peace of data their api (JSON) will return
    with some help it can fast be done an gives prettyphoto a new good feature (because the guys of smugmug a great and its a very nice service where i can pay and really use their service like i want.. i like vimeos look and tech much, but i sometimes simply need to use it commercial. vimeo strictly forbidden any commercial usage, even when I'm 'plus' and pay for this and even when i hide my movies from their site because i only want to embed them)

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