Fixed sized Image in Modal Pop-Up
  • Hi,
    Can anyone suggest me how to make the fix sized image in the modal pop-up.
    I have different image with different size, when i click the thumbnails in the modal pop-up, image will display with it's original size, this I don't want.
    I need, image should display in fixed size.

    Next requireent is, when I click the image in the overlay, then it should display image with original size.
    In summary, I want to pop-up the image, then want to zoom by clicking poped-up image.
    Please let me know is this possible using pretty image plug in, how can customize this to achieve the above requirement.
    I tried by modifying the width and height attributes but no luck!

    I modifies the image markup, like
    image_markup: ''image_markup: '&lt img id="fullResImage" src="{path}" width="350" height="250" />',

    but this has no effect, image simply displays with it's original size.

    Please let me know if anybody have any inputs.


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