Loading several images from one thumbnail?
  • Hi!

    I am making gallery for 3D rendered pictures. So, in first thumbnail I have rendered one boy, in the second thumbnail a bear. The problem is that I want to show 7 rendered jpgs of the boy, but I don't want to have 7 different thumbnails for this. When you click the thumbnail for the boy, to load all the boy's jpgs that are in the folder, in same way with the crocodile.

    I hope you understand what I mean.

    How can I do this, because the other boy's rendered jpgs are in folder, they are not included in the code. How can I link them, to this thumbnail? Do I have to include them in the code and make them hidden?

    Thanx in advace!
  • Hi,
    yes, your approach is right: 'include them in the code and make them hidden'.

    since this has already been discussed earlier please refer to:


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