Scrolling Issues
  • I noticed that when scrolling, the re-centering of prettyPhoto is very stuttery. Since I'm using it for an iframe that has mousewheel scrolling in it, this is an annoying problem.

    Any chance of this issue being ironed out? Or at least a suggestion for how I can disable the prettyPhoto from re-centering itself after it's loaded?

  • I just found the answer to my question in another thread about IE7 problems:

    quote by charlietfl:

    Customer didn't like auto-centering on scroll. Here's an added option in return:
    I added new default into settings
    allowScrollCentering: false

    modified scroll function:

    if( $':visible')) {
    $scrollPos = _getScroll(); _centerOverlay(); _resizeOverlay();
    }else{$scrollPos = _getScroll(); _centerOverlay(); _resizeOverlay(); }


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