prettyPhoto Sprite.png display issue
  • I am currently in the test mode for a website here:

    Most of the PrettyPhoto gallery is working perfectly, however, the arrow buttons, the close button and the loader are not working.

    I was convinced it was a directory/filename issue, and used the full file path in the code which looks like this:

    Any help would be very much appreciated, thanks much in advance.
  • Hi,
    There should be 3 basic folder css, js, images dan in the images folder there are fullscreen, prettyphoto, thumbnails. The most important is the prettyphoto that contain the arrow etc. Do you check if the folder images is properly copied? Do you change manually the css? If not, the css seems not right too. A liitle bit strange. Try to redownload the css and images, don't overwrite the js, it seems ok.
    If you are first time user of prettyphoto, it is better not to touch the js and css. Better to customize thru the initialization. The default is still pp_default and it seem you delete the pp_default css.

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