Does not work in IE7
  • I should have checked it first before implementing and customizing but this neet script does not work in IE7?

    Checked your demo page too to confirm it wasn't a conflict on my page but also your demo page gives me a JS error popup in IE7 :(

    I don't have IE8 handy so maybe someone can check that version too?
  • I'll have to test it out.

    Thanks for the report.
  • Any news to IE testing ?

    Thanks !
  • I have also a problem with prettyGallery under IE7...
    Example on my website :
  • And I confirm your own website demo doesn't work under IE7 :o/
  • I just test with IE8, and same problem.

    The error is coming from the jquery.min.js files.

    But why ???
  • Nobody there ? :(
  • Same problem here.

    Cant get it to work in IE8 or IE7. As usual firefox has no problem with it....

    Somebody know's what might be the problem?

  • Chrome ok, firefox ok, i8 ok, ie7 bug
  • Please, please, please :) :) :) :)
  • Hi all. The problem is in calculated in jQuery.fn.prettyGallery function:

    var _formatGallery = function() {
    itemWidth = $gallery.find('li:first').css('position','absolute').width();
    itemMargin = parseFloat($gallery.find('li:first').css('margin-right')) + parseFloat($gallery.find('li:first').css('margin-left')) + parseFloat($gallery.find('li:first').css('padding-left')) + parseFloat($gallery.find('li:first').css('padding-right')) + parseFloat($gallery.find('li:first').css('border-left-width')) + parseFloat($gallery.find('li:first').css('border-right-width'));
    itemHeight = $gallery.find('li:first').height() + parseFloat($gallery.find('li:first').css('margin-top')) + parseFloat($gallery.find('li:first').css('margin-bottom')) + parseFloat($gallery.find('li:first').css('padding-top')) + parseFloat($gallery.find('li:first').css('padding-bottom'));
    galleryWidth = (itemWidth + itemMargin) * settings.itemsPerPage - parseFloat($gallery.find('li:first').css('margin-right')); // We don't want the margin of the last item, that's why we remove it.

    itemMargin, when calculated, becomes NaN. This value used in some other calculations (still not discovered which ones, but going to) that passed to jQuery to set style properties. As you may know, IE is very sensible to not valid values set to properties such as "width", "height" etc.
    I'm going to make workaround (or maybe it would be fix) on my local environment for this situation. But it would be nice, if such fix will be applied by author :)
  • Well, I've found the cause of problem. It's because this piece of code under IE7 returns non-numerical value: $gallery.find('li:first').css('border-right-width'). The same is for left border width. These parts return "medium" under IE7 & "0px" under Firefox (in my case), so the further call to "parseFloat" for string value will give NaN value. I suppose there should be condition for IE7 or better for evaluated value of border-left/right/top/bottom-width property.
  • Great plugin, shame about the problems with Internet Explorer. Configured it to work on my site then found out the issues with IE when testing! (a wasted few hours!) Seems to work OK in all other browser but not IE 6, 7 or 8. Is there a chance the bug will be fixed in the future as I would like to use it?
  • Man I came across this plugin and was super excited, but if it doesn't work with IE7 (I just found out the hard way) then it's not really usable. If anyone gets a fix put in please let me know!
  • Try this photogallery:
  • Holy crap this is a disappointment. Can't complain, seeing as this is free, but wow... I should have checked this first.
  • Make sure that you have rel=prettyPhoto and not rel=prettphoto on your links.

    The lowercase "p" will cause IE7 to not work.
  • Hi - has there been any fixes found for IE 7? This seems to work on for me on IE8, but blows up in IE7. I really like this product and want to use it. Help?
  • @MonkeyPhunk: What is your exact issue?
  • The problem I was having in IE7, was that the pop up window was half off the left side of the screen and the window was sort of rolled up and the text was unreadable. I did some research and found that the DOCTYPE helps fix some things. I found this and added it: <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN">, so now the whole window shows, but it's still pushed off the left side and there is no dark blanket under the pop up. And - with this new doctype, the css layout is sort of messed up now in IE8 (where it worked before).

    Here is the test page:

    And - since I'm not a programmer, I would be happy to hire you to fix this and make it all happy. I'm spinning my wheels on something I should probably just turn over and ask for help. Do you do contract work?
    Thanks in advance!

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