I can't see the arrows !
  • I don't know why, but the arrows are not displayed. I can't see them !
    I can click on the area where they should be there, and it's working fine, but the arrows are not displayed ! (I checked the url in the css and it seems to be the good one).

    Thanks for your help.
  • Can you provide us with a demo link?

  • Sure: here it is => http://.... (not available anymore...)

    Plus there is a problem with my thumbnails which are cut... (http://forums.no-margin-for-errors.com/discussion/1592/my-thumbnails-are-cut-/#Item_1)

  • This is not prettyPhoto... you changed it?
  • No it's PrettyGallery. I didn't change anything except of the following: in the "jquery.prettyGallery.js" file, on the top of the document, I've written that I wanted four thumbnails per page, bigger thumbnails (199px width and 133px height), and french labels:
    (and whatever the galleryWidth is, it doesn't change anything...)

    jQuery.fn.prettyGallery = function(settings) {
    settings = jQuery.extend({
    itemsPerPage : 4,
    animationSpeed : 'slow', /* fast/normal/slow */
    navigation : 'bottom', /* top/bottom/both */
    of_label: ' de ', /* The content in the page "1 of 2" */
    previous_title_label: 'Précédent', /* The title of the previous link */
    next_title_label: 'Suivant', /* The title of the next link */
    previous_label: 'Précédent', /* The content of the previous link */
    next_label: 'Suivant' /* The content of the next link */
    }, settings);
    return this.each(function(){
    // Global variables needed in multiple functions.
    var currentPage = 1,
    itemWidth = 199,
    itemMargin = 9,
    itemHeight = 133,
    galleryWidth = 796,
    pageCount = 0,
    animated = false,
    $gallery = $(this);
  • I am having the same issue. When I preview my site locally with my web page software (WebPlus X4) I can see the next, previous, close, expand, etc. pics. But once I actually upload the site and view the pages live I can no longer see any of the arrows or x's, and the border is missing...almost like it is not using the sprite at all. Please see this page- http://ryanshangar.webplus.net/menu.html
    Uses of prettyPhoto are "Allergen Information", "Undercooked Food Warning", "1/2 lb Cheeseburger", and the first two cheesecakes in the desserts section.
  • No idea please ?
  • Hi, I had the same problem as well and solved it with css in the prettyGallery.css file. I had already assigned a global backround-color to my anchor tags in my site stylesheet. This was overriding the backround-images for the arrows in prettyGallery. I solved it with one line at the top of the prettyGallery.css file:

    li a {background-color: transparent !important;}

    Hope this helps!
  • I had found the solution, but lost my backup... so I'm asking for help again on this same issue !

    (@tylerbre : doesn't work with me)
  • floestra, did you ever figure out the problem again? I´m having the same issue
  • I just found it again after weeks and weeks of questioning! And what a silly thing: there was an antislah missing in my CSS code on the "prettyGallery.css" file, at the point where there's the path to the image:

    background: url("/prettygallery/images/prettyGallery/pagingNav.png") top left no-repeat;

    the really first one : url("/ <= this one here!<br />

    Hope this help you!
  • I'm using prettyPhoto and having the same problem. None of the suggestions here worked... other suggestions???

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