Alternate gallery option question from a Rookie
  • I am so new to JS and jQuery that it's not funny.

    But I'm very proud to have it prettyPhoto working on a test page!

    No small thanks to the excellent instructions!

    One thing I'd like to do is have a photo gallery appear WITHOUT having all the image links on the page. Ideally I'd like to have one link cause all the photos in one directory to be shown in a prettyPhoto gallery.

    If that's not possible I think I can make it work with some CSS trickery. And if I have to do it that way, How can I have prettyPhoto behave like the demo page. Because on my site, prettyPhoto will show all the photos on a page, even though I have them isolated them in different divs.

    Any enlightenment would be greatly appreciated.

  • I'd like to know this too. I wonder if it's possible to pass the an array of images into prettyPhoto and then display a gallery of them?
  • Same here... Moi aussi j'aimerais avoir cette possibilité car je souhaite afficher parfois une 60aine de photos, et d'avoir 60 thumbnails sur la page ce n'est vraiment pas pratique... En plus que je dois créer les thumbnails, ce qui ne m'intéresse pas du tout.

    However, what could be temporarly done, is to create the list of images of a folder via PHP. I have the code to do that. Afterwards, we could enclose all images inside a DIV that is set to display:hide. That way, none of the pictures would be shown on the page... only thing to verify is if the prettyPhoto plugin works even if the pics are "hidden".

    I'm gonna try my idea right away, and come back here to post my findings and results ;-)
  • Ok.... so I managed to get it working just about like I want it. Hope this will help those with similar needs:

    - First of, I have a PHP script that will get all images from a specified folder, and put them inside an array. I've taken some time to put in some comments, so that you can understand what it does.


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