Let me start :)
  • We recently launched a website for one of the biggest ski resort here in Quebec. I obviously used prettyPhoto as my lightbox of choice.

    Check it out here: http://www.lemassif.com/en/planifier/galeries

    I use the iframe support to open the gallery, inside it I also included a nifty little custom slider.
  • http://fmlesieur.com/news/index.php (click on gallery)





    http://coiteuxhyundai.com/pieces.php?model=sonata (choose an "accessoire" on the right)

    And another one that is still under development.

    We owe you a lot my friend :)
  • Very nice customization there.

    I'm impressed!
  • Most of new sites devlopped by us (http://www.acolyte.ws) use your prettyPhoto plugin.... We did modified it a bit to be a complete replacement to the prototype / scriptaculous plugin called lightview to get rid of the prototype library (100kb) for our visitor, thank you stephane!
  • Here are some links :





    ... Many more...

    We use it as an iframe poper in all our backend!
  • Whew. Finally got it working across all browsers - not prettyphoto's fault - Note: if you add extra parameters, leave off the last comma before the brackets.

    Here you can you see the glory: www.airmasters.net

    Loads up a jpeg and a youtube video. I use it for loading pdfs in an iframe elsewhere on the site, works great.
  • Must say thanks for the great script, used it a few times on some sites.

    http://www.julianstephens.com (any of the product pages)
    http://www.eslightingdesign.co.uk/ (Using both Photo and Gallery)
  • I've seen a few pages using the addthis button. I'm using pretty photo in word-press. can you guys please share the coding if you are using word-press?

    thank you in advance


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