PrettyPhoto, Firefox 4, and .m4v files
  • So I thought I was pretty clever... I needed to get prettyPhoto to recognize and play back .m4v files. I decided to try add this line...


    ...into jquery.prettyPhoto.js and guess what, it worked!

    A few days later I decided to download Firefox 4.0, and my solution fell apart. The prettyPhoto window opens but the .m4v video clip doesn't play.

    Can anyone point me in the right direction?
  • Rename you .m4v file to .mov.

    This should do the trick for now. m4v and mov are basically the same thing so changing the extension shouldn't break anything.
  • Good idea but it alas didn't work. Did it work for you? I'm hosting the m4v files on amazon aws -- I wonder if that could make any difference.
  • I didn't try because I didn't have any .m4v at hand.

    Can you share one?


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