Works with strict xhtml doctype but not HTML5 - fix this without changing out header?
  • When I host my version of prettyphoto using the html5 doctype the corners are off(messed up). If I change the doctype to xhtml strict they behave. I do not have the liberty to switch out the doctype as it is in a header generated on the server and HTML5 is the new mandate. Is there a way to handle this?
  • Hi,

    I've just texted my demo page with an HTML5 doctype and it works fine.

    Which browser are you testing this in?
  • Hey Scaron I am sorry but I was mistaken it does work fine in html5 it appears to be only a problem in FF when I host it. FF locally works fine, IE and Safari as well look fine. Only FF hosted. But I cannot find anything that is different between the hosted and local copy including any links that might break locally but work hosted.

    If you go here:
    The corners are broken in FF4
    but if you take all the files local,

    The corners work fine.

    Any ideas?

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