Switching Button Image When Hover with IE7
  • Alghough it is announced hover image issues has been fixed with the version 1.1, it seems not in fact at least with my environment IE7 on Windows XP SP3. Moreover the button image does not change when I hover on the buttons. In course of searching for work around, I catch up that insering dummy css directive in front of "top: -21px" would enable hovering change the image.

    label.radio:hover span.holder { border-style: none; top: -21px !important; }

    I checked it with only my PC at home so it could be seen with specific environment. But I am curious whether this is due to IE7's bug or not.
  • Same problem with IE7 and v1.1 : no hover state, and uncheck keep the hover state on checkboxes... but works on radio.

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