PrettyPhoto Multiple Gallery
  • Hello,

    I've been trying to make WP-prettyphoto or prettyPhoto work with multiple galleries with no success. I have a WP site showing a grid of thumbnails each with it's own photo gallery (rel="wp-prettyPhoto[gal1], rel="wp-prettyPhoto[gal2] ..., etc ...) and I would love to use your plugins but I have no success so far. Can you advise in the matter, or is it even possible?

    Thank you very much.
  • I think I'm having the same issue. In a page I have multiple galleries but when I click on the thumbnails, the carrousel shows all the images of the gallery clicked, plus the images of other galleries.

    Does anyone knows how to fix it?
    Suggestions are wellcome.
  • Can anybody let us know if there is a workaround or something to make this happen? I wouldn't want to just waste time on it. Thank you!
  • Already did and still not working!
  • thanks for the post, really helped!

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