get rid of image/alt tag title
  • I am currently trying to utilize PP within a stacks plugin for Rapidweaver. It works but the image alt tag is changed to a generic title so I would like to hide it from view (upper left hand corner of viewer). Is there a way? I have looked through the css but am lost.

    Many thanks,

  • Here is an image of the problem:

    thanks again
  • Sure! Set showTitle to false, like this:

    showTitle: false
  • Thank you Crowchick. Where should I place this? I am not getting the results I am looking for, due to my inexperience I am sure...
  • That code block I pasted replace the trigger you put at the end of your page:


    (Your gallery won't work without this, btw, so it's gotta be somewhere down there.)
  • oh ya - that did it for sure.

    Happy new year Crowchick

  • You're welcome! Happy New Year!
  • Thanks for the reply Crowchick.

    And happy new year to you both!

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