Questions about QuickTime
  • My audience might not have the QuickTime player installed on their computers to play .mp4 or .mov files. If the user doesn't have QuickTime, will PrettyPhoto prompt them to install the player when they click on the video? Also, is it possible for PrettyPhoto to use the JW Player to play our videos? The biggest benefit of this would be that visitor don't need to install any plugin/video player. If you don't include the JW Player functionality, can it be a feature you can add in a new version?
  • prettyPhoto won't prompt the user to install quicktime. However, the browser will detect it's missing a plugin and will install the correct plugin for it to work properly.

    As for JW Player support. People have been asking for it for a while. I plan on including it in prettyPhoto 3.0

    Hope it help!
  • Is there any update regarding the support for JW Player ?
    But what about supporting other HTML5 players ?

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