Music continues playing after video is closed in prettyPhoto in IE
  • In IE when I close the prettyPhoto window with video, the music continues playing.
    It is the case even with the demo for YouTube on this web site.
    (In FireFox it stops ok.)
  • Same issue here... IE 8, FF, Safari and Chrome seem ok.
  • This bug was introduced in v. 2.5.5.
    In v 2.5.4 the music stops when the video is closed.
  • Hi, im having the same problem - video works fine and the sound stops when closing the "popup" in FIrefox - the sound keeps on playing in IE8 - is the only workaround to downgrade to v 2.5.4 ?

    Any one got a link to version 2.5.4 or a workaround for 2.5.5?

  • I am having the same issue with IE.
    I am trying to find the link to 2.5.4. Does anyone have it?
    or Is this issue being addressed in version 2.5.5?
  • The link to 2.5.4 is here:

    However :) it has a bug showing "prev" and "next" buttons one under another instead of in a row. (This bug is in IE only, and only if title attribute is specified)
  • This is a bug I introduced.

    It'll be fixed in the next version that should be up tonight.

    Thanks for the report!
  • Sorry to bring this back up 3 years later, but its back...
  • Sorry but, i have the same problem...

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