Thumbnails resize
  • HI!

    first of all Thank you for this nice script!

    I am trying to get the thumbnails in the overlay gallery bigger than 50 px of width.

    But I didn't find any variable or something in the css I can change, so my question is is it possible to change the size to lets say 100px of width?
    And if yes where can I set this up?

    Best Regards
    and Thanks again! Great work!

  • push :-) no one? Please :-(
  • IMHO you set the width and high in your outputfile

    Fly kite, fly!

    If you not set width and height the original dimensions of the thumb will used
  • ... width="60" height="60" alt="" />....
  • Hello, maybe i've found little bug.
    When first image of gallery is lower then others, then height of all thumbs is same, and next are cuted.

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