Lightbox "Close" button is cut off. IE 8 works, (Chrome, FF Problems.)
  • When I use FF or Chrome, the Close button is 50% and 50% exposed underneath the lightbox overlay. In IE 8, it appears fine.

    If I change the version of jQuery that I use, I also get problems with the button's position, and or problems appearing at all in IE 8. I am currently using 1.4.1 and this version at least gives me a Close button in all browsers (although not positioned correctly).

    Are there problems between prettyPhoto and different versions of jQuery? It appears so. It doesn't work properly with 1.5.1.
  • I don't know why I was getting different results with different jQuery versions. I noticed the problem didn't exist when I left the default font (Times Roman). I did end up fixing the problem by changing the size of the font (Arial) I was using, and the problem went away. It now looks fine in all browsers that I tested.

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