Justified Image Grid: Change string #prettyPhoto[1]/0/ from URL?
  • When I click in a photo on my wp, it adds on the url something like this #prettyPhoto[1]/0/. How can I change to something more custom? example: #CustomString[1]/0/

    The code is this http://pastebin.com/PUW5JjSc
  • you need to edit the link rel under the lightboxes menu. you have to use brackets []. for example [purpleninja]
    or if you want to remove the customstring all together, edit deeplinking:true to false under prettyPhoto JS settings
  • You need to make changes on line 6598 in justified-image-grid.php of plugin file in root folder from
    switch($lightbox){ case 'prettyphoto':
    $shadow_rel = 'prettyPhoto[ngg-'.$album_content.']'; break;


    switch($lightbox){ case 'prettyphoto':
    $shadow_rel = 'Photo[ngg-'.$album_content.']';

    where photo is custom string.. break;

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