Preview for YouTube etc. video. Is it possible?
  • Hi!

    Example: I insert the code in my site to show the video with prettyphoto gallery:

    <a href=";height=380&quot; rel="prettyPhoto[gallery1]" title="" class="hover_3">
    <img src="img/gallery_2_column_012.jpg" class="r_conner_pic" alt="" />

    Is there any way to generate or take the video preview from youtube video instead of tag image....??? It's really annoying every time to draw the preview (jpeg, png etc.) for every movie...especially if you wanna have many videos on your site

    Another reason is - user looking on jpeg preview .... i think it's not so clear that it's the video file "inside" of gallery.... How to solve this problem? I think that usual youtube/vimeo video's preview - with "PLAY" button in the center of the frame - good known that content of gallery is video file..

    Thanks for any help!!!

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