Several galleries in one page
  • Hi,

    i'm having a problem on this page :

    I have several galleries on the page, but when I click on one image I have all the galleries that open in PrettyPhoto.
    I had help here but so far nothing works :

    I created posts with just image attachments, and I'm filling the gallery shortcode like this [gallery id="XXX"] and for another gallery [gallery id="YYY"] but it's still the same.
    The persone there said that it's because of the code generated, which is rel="wp-prettyPhoto[gallery]
    I'd like to know how I can have rel="wp-prettyPhoto[galleryXXX] and rel="wp-prettyPhoto[galleryYYY] when I specify an ID, and just rel="wp-prettyPhoto[gallery] when there is no ID specified. I tried to look at the code, but I can't manage to find where to make the changes.

    I see that the HTML code retrieves the ID to create the class galleryid-XXX so I believe it might be possible to get the XXX and put it in rel="wp-prettyPhoto[gallery]

    How to do that ? I'm desperate :(

    And I'm not even sure if I made myself clear enough :/

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