PrettyPhoto expand images downwards only?
  • Hi, I'm stuck with something and figured this might be the place to ask!

    I want images to expand to full size, but only downwards (so the top of the image is always visible within the viewport/browser window). As it is, it'll expand in both vertical directions, with the top and bottom effectively cut off from view, which leads to some strange behaviours when scrolling and shrinking the image again.

    If I could ensure the top is never cut off everything would be much smoother! I've looked around and tried a few tricks but nothing works - any ideas?

    Note - the first image in my (vertical) gallery opens as I want it to, with the top visible within the browser and the rest of the image offscreen at the bottom. However, if I scroll down the page and open the lightbox on any of the other gallery images and then fullscreen/expand, it will expand in both directions. I'm guessing the vertical gallery is causing the issue?

    Thanks in advance.


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