prettyPhoto : 2 links - 1 content
  • Hi,

    i'm using prettyPhoto to display a webpage in an iframe. I have 2 different links in the same page to display the same iframe. But prettyPhoto act like if it was a gallery with 2 different contents and display the gallery navigation buttons (next and previous arrows).

    here is my code :

    <div id="div1">
    <a href="myPage.html??iframe=true&width=857&height=600" rel="prettyPhoto[iframe]">
    <img src="myImage1.jpg" />

    <div id="div2">
    <a href="myPage.html?iframe=true&width=857&height=600" rel="prettyPhoto[iframe]">
    <img src="myImage2.jpg" />

    any idea on how to display only one item?

  • Hi,
    if you want to have 2 seperate lightboxes displayed use e.g. rel="prettyPhoto[iframe1] for the first and rel="prettyPhoto[iframe2] for the second link.
  • Well, i found another solution, i just removed the square-brackets : rel="prettyPhoto" and it works

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