How do I disable shadow on page behind iframe and disable image selectors
  • Hello, I am using prettyphoto to display iframed content. This iframe is within wordpress. How do I disable the shadow on the page behind the iframe? It doesn't look right. Where exactly in the javascript code can i disable so it just doesn't do any shadow.

    Also, when the iframe loads, the only thing I want available is the close button on the bottom right I do not want those image # selectors there. How do I disable that?

    thanks a lot for the help
  • hey just wanted to let everyone know i figured it out, in the jquery.prettyPhoto.js file search for opaque, and modify it, the default is 0.80. i changed it to 0.00 so the background is seen.

    also, to remove the image selectors/previous/next buttons, simply remove these 3 lines of code in the jquery.prettyPhoto.js file.

    the code starts on line 30 and ends on 34, remove those 4 lines

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