PrettyLoad loading graphic not bound to mouse pointer like example
  • I followed the straigthforward instructions for PrettyLoader and got it working. Only issue is that the loading graphic is shown on the page below where I clicked about 200 pixels down. It's not bound to the mouse pointer like the examples.

    What do I have to that's special to get this behavior?
  • Hi,

    Did you give any values for offset_top and offset_left parameters ? (check prettyloader documentation for more info)

  • If you have several scripts running in your page, this may be a noticiable effect. In some circumstances you can also get a scroll "jump" because prettyLoader image is appended to the end of the page and only then the positionLoader function is binded.
    So I fix it adding a line just before .prettyLoader is shown in line 71:

    // Show it!

    It save the day for me!
    Hope it helps


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