Making Pretty Photo + Dailymotion videos works
  • Hi,

    first, sorry for my english ( i'm french )...and thanks to S.Caron for this plugin !

    I needed to use Dailymotion videos with Pretty Photo but it's not yet implemented so i had a few code lines into the plugin, if it can help...

    It works with the url of the dailymotion page, i.e :

    The plugin modifications :

    Edit the "_getFileType" function ( near line 600 / 610 ), add a "else if" condition :
    else if (itemSrc.match(/dailymotion\.com\/video/i)) {
    return 'dailymotion';

    so, the function look like this now :

    function _getFileType(itemSrc){
    if (itemSrc.match(/youtube\.com\/watch/i)) {
    return 'youtube';
    }else if (itemSrc.match(/dailymotion\.com\/video/i)) {
    return 'dailymotion';
    }else if (itemSrc.match(/vimeo\.com/i)) {
    return 'vimeo';
    }else if(itemSrc.indexOf('.mov') != -1){
    return 'quicktime';
    }else if(itemSrc.indexOf('.swf') != -1){
    return 'flash';
    }else if(itemSrc.indexOf('iframe') != -1){
    return 'iframe';
    }else if(itemSrc.indexOf('custom') != -1){
    return 'custom';
    }else if(itemSrc.substr(0,1) == '#'){
    return 'inline';
    return 'image';

    Then on the open event $ ( near line 150 / 160 ) find the fadein function $pp_pic_holder.fadeIn...
    In the "switch" instruction add a "case" :

    case 'dailymotion':
    correctSizes = _fitToViewport(movie_width,movie_height); // Fit item to viewport
    // Remove url's beginning
    var videoid = pp_images[set_position].replace(/http:\/\/www\.dailymotion\.com\/video\//gi, '');
    // "Explode" the end of the string to catch the video id
    var spt = videoid.split('_');
    // Video id is index 0
    movie = '' + spt[0] + '?width=&theme=none&iframe=0&additionalInfos=0&autoPlay=1&hideInfos=0';
    toInject = settings.flash_markup.replace(/{width}/g,correctSizes['width']).replace(/{height}/g,correctSizes['height']).replace(/{wmode}/g,settings.wmode).replace(/{path}/g,movie);

    You can edit the line "movie = 'http://www..." to set your video options like "autoPlay" or something else.

    It works fine for me so i hope it can help...

  • minor modification below
  • Thanks for this; it worked, but with a minor modification:

    at the end of the case 'dailymotion', it's better to inject in an iframe_markup to respect Dailymotion embed player:

    toInject = settings.iframe_markup.replace(/{width}/g,correctSizes['width']).replace(/{height}/g,correctSizes['height']).replace(/{wmode}/g,settings.wmode).replace(/{path}/g,movie);

    instead of

    toInject = settings.flash_markup.replace(/{width}/g,correctSizes['width']).replace(/{height}/g,correctSizes['height']).replace(/{wmode}/g,settings.wmode).replace(/{path}/g,movie);

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