Multiline Gallery
  • Is it possible, in the current form, to have the gallery display multiple rows? If not, I'd like to submit that idea as a feature request. I would like to show it in rows of three thumbs, in a grid-like pattern with however many rows I define.
  • Also i have many photos and i insert a brake-tag and greate my gallery so on and it works and works
  • Hi Nialma

    I had the same idea that a break tag might work but i cannot get it to work in practice.
    Could you perhaps tell me exactly what you changed/ added?

    Is there is also something that i need to alter in the stylesheet?

    : )
  • OK i FINALLY worked it out!

    : )

    If you want to use Pretty Gallery to display more than 1 ROW of images, go to and have a look at the source code.

    The key is to put multiple images in the tags for each list item.( Separate them with a break tag.)

    Thanks folks and a very big thank you to Stephan for creating this excellent plugin.
    : )


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